Can You Have a Perfect Credit Score?

It seems like people only ever talk about improving their credit scores, but is there a way to actually obtain that elusive perfect credit score and then keep it?

While it doesn’t necessarily matter, because there’s really no difference or advantage to having an 800 rather than an 850 score, there are those of us who want to strive for perfection by any means necessary. Of course, the same tips apply as to improving your score: Keep your debt low, only take on new credit when necessary, and pay your bills on time. It’s something that needs to be constantly monitored and will fall if you don’t pay careful attention.

So is it possible to reach 850? The answer is yes, although it is incredibly difficult to do so. And once you get there, keeping your score there can be equally as challenging. However, as mentioned earlier, you have the same tools you need to improve your score that can help you get to perfection (if that’s where you’re aiming to end up). Just know that it isn’t necessary and that it will be difficult to do so.

Image via Stack the Chips.