How Recent College Grads Can Build Credit Responsibly

If you are a recent college grad trying to get on your feet, it’s important to keep your credit in mind. This is actually a great time in your life to start building good credit history. It’s understandable if you’re leery about taking out more debt, but if done strategically you will be able to enjoy a healthy credit score.

One way of building good credit is to have a good mix of credit. Installment loans, such as home, car loans and even credit cards show a variety of debt that you can handle.

If you’re not ready to purchase a home or car yet, don’t worry. Grab a small credit card and use it to pay for minor bills.

Another tip is to keep your usage down. In other words, keep room in your credit line by not maxing it out. The idea is to keep the balance below 10 percent of your available credit limit. The best way to do this is to only put small charges on your card, not large ones.